Wow!! It's Hot here in Louisiana. I'm gonna grab a cold glass of sweet tea

This is my first Blog ever but I wanted to communicate with my new friends that I will meet

on my website. I am not a pro writer either. I am a country girl that lives in a small town of about

250 people. I have to drive 20 minutes to a grocery store and about an hour or so to a doctor. My daughter goes into total melt down when the WIFI goes down. She says Mom I wished we lived in a subdivision where I could get good WIFI. Me too!! Just kidding. I love country life.

I also love quilting. I'm not a pro quilter. I just do my thing. I love, love the quilting fabrics. I could have the most stressful day and go into my quilting room and that is my peaceful place. That is my Safe Haven for my mind. My daughter's name is Summer. So, that's where I came up with the name

Summer's Haven. I have been selling on Ebay for a few years and started selling on Etsy just this year. I have always wanted my own quilting store. Opening a online quilt store was the closest thing to that for now. Hope you enjoyed my first blog and I hope to make a lot of new friends.

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