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Appli - Glue 2oz

Appli-Glue is a basting glue that keep applique pieces in place until they're ready to be sewn down. The pink tapered tip allows you put a tiny drop in the seam allowance of your prepared applique piece. The tip is made of nylon, so it does not rust, and can twist off to clean if needed.
- Archival Quality - product will not damage fabrics or cause premature aging
- Acid free – pH neutral
- Water soluble (a water based product)
- Anti-Clog precision tip
- The new taper tip will allow glue to drain back into bottle.
- Nylon tip won't rust
- Tip cap will prevent dry-out
- Completely safe for your quilts — Wash it or not!

  • Use: Applique Glue
  • Size: 2oz Bottle
  • Included: One Bottle of Applique Glue

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